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Complete Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health and Safety Services

    Envirosurvey, Inc. provides comprehensive consulting services in industrial hygiene and environmental health and safety services.  We provide workers health and safety, and exposure assessments to various contaminants that may exist on a project site.  Our services consist of workers exposure assessment and OSHA compliance air monitoring at various construction and Caltrans project sites.

    Considering the fact that any of the 60,000 chemicals in use today, combined with workplace environments, may lead to employee illness, loss of productivity, regulatory non-compliance, and eventual litigation it can easily be seen that professional, experienced assistance in this area could result in substantial savings of both time and resources to any public or private organization.

     These problems may occur at construction sites containing hazardous materials or contaminated soils, landfill facilities, manufacturing facilities, and even within office buildings.  At Envirosurvey, Inc. we have certified industrial hygienists on staff to provide solutions for the identification and mitigation of occupational health risks.  Our Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health and Safety services include:

    • Standard industrial hygiene surveys
    • Regulatory compliance surveys
    • Program development, including Site Specific Health & Safety Plans (HSAP) and Hazardous Materials Management Plans (HMMP)
    • Personal and area monitoring
    • Personnel training
    • Comprehensive analytical support