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Waste Water Treatment Systems for Construction Dewatering Operations and Storm Water Pollution Prevention

In compliance with NPDES permits issued by the RWQCB, ESI has completed site-specific plans for the proper storage, handling, and treatment of storm water and non-storm water for various contracts.  These submittals include Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Excavation Dewatering Plans (EDPs) and “Operation and Maintenance Manuals” for a proposed effluent on-site treatment system. 

Under these requirements of project specifications and in compliance with NPDES permits issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), ESI received subcontracting agreements in several Caltrans construction contracts to treat excavation groundwater impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons. Tasks included a complete effluent treatment system, including design, installation, and operation/maintenance, and monitoring of treated effluent into the receiving water. 

Envirosurvey, Inc. and its members has over twenty-five years of collective experience in environmental remediation projects with emphasis on contaminated soil, surface water, and groundwater.  The ESI team’s expertise relevant to this project includes an innovative approach using the latest automated control systems, as well as expertise with polymer coagulant chemistry and its utility in the treatment of storm water runoff. The ESI team is also experienced in subcontract administration, feasibility studies, water chemistry, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for large-scale construction projects.