Welcome to envirosurvey!

Welcome to Envirosurvey, Inc., an environmental consulting firm and technical services provider engaged in multidisciplinary environmental services since 1991, serving both public and private organizations in California and the West.

We provide hazardous materials management, soil and groundwater remediation, industrial hygiene, and environmental health and safety services to clients including Caltrans, state, federal, and local agencies (such as the San Francisco Department of Public Works and the San Francisco Department of Environment), corporations, small businesses, construction companies, and developers of major civil projects. 

We are proud of our solid reputation with proven, consistent performance for more than fifteen years.  Our offering of services includes:

Complete Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health and Safety services
Phase I and Phase II Site Investigations, Environmental sampling and analysis

Regional Water Quality Permit compliance for construction dewatering including installation of water treatment systems for groundwater and storm water pollution prevention

Building surveys for hazardous materials in accordance with NESHAPS and HUD guidelines

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations

Preparation of health, safety and environmental submittals for major
Caltrans and public works projects
Technical research capabilities for environmental concerns and bioaccumulative toxins